Sunday, July 26, 2015

Christmas in July

Finally yesterday was opening day for Christmas in July.  I received my gifts from my lovely friend Shez of Enjoying Life.  She was so organised that when we met up in May she had my gifts ready.  I had to hide them in the cupboard so I wouldn't be tempted by them.

I hung my gift bag at the end of the bed on Friday night.

Look how beautifully wrapped they were I so need wrapping lessons.

Now here they are all opened.

Close ups.

A gorgeous Fig n Berry runner.

Shez's famous hand towels.

One of Shez's gorgeous decorations.

Some lovely extras and a beautiful handmade card.

Thank you so much Shez I just love everything you have made for me.

A big thanks to Cheryll of The Stitching Cubbyhole for hosting such a wonderful swap.

I will be back soon to show what I made.

Until next time happy stitching.


  1. Hi Kim I am so glad you liked your gifts,I had so much fun making them for you,happy Xmas in July my friend xx

  2. Lovely gifts yo have received :)

  3. Beautiful gifts Kim, Shez does amazing work on those ornaments.

  4. Great gifts from the lovely Shez

  5. Yes, lovely gifts from a lovely lady to another lovely lady!

  6. What lovely gifts you have received from Shez. Enjoy your goodies, Kim.

  7. Wow Kim - such gorgeous gifts from Shez