Saturday, May 2, 2015

Friday Night with Friends

I hope everyone had an enjoyable evening sewing.

Last night I made my first Fireworks block for a quilt that I have had cut out for ages but never got around to sewing sometimes I think that is because I need to improve my skills before I start sewing. 

As you can see it is a little tricky but a fun block to put together.  The pattern is by Thimble Blossoms and the fabric is Happy Go Lucky by Bonñie and Camille.

After I made this block I sewed down the binding on my Retro quilt.

I had been wanting to make this quilt ever since I got my Simply Retro book but just hadn't found the right fabric until the Daysail dots came along,  I quilted this myself during the week.

Until next time happy stitching.


  1. The block looks great as does your quilting

  2. Beautiful block Kim. Love the quilt. Hugs,xx

  3. Your block looks great, Kim. I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt all finished.

  4. Your fireworks block looks lovely Kim.

  5. Lovely block well done on all the points and joins.

  6. What a beautiful block Kim.
    Great job stitching on your binding...

  7. Kim, from what I can see there is not a single thing wrong with your skills, your sewing is beautiful...
    Is there a B&C quilt pattern you've not made???!

  8. Visiting from the FNwF sign up post. What a pretty block!

    I love all the Thimble Blossoms quilts and the lines of fabrics she does with her Mom, though I've only made her Mini Spools quilt so far.