Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hi everyone,

Many apologies when I signed up for FNSI I was meant to have the day off work and I had intended to sew in the afternoon as I was going out in the evening.  Unfortunately it didn't work out as one of the other girls from work got sick so it would of left only one secretary in the office so I said I would go into work.  Lucky my parents were able to take my machine for a service and I rushed around Thursday night packing for my trip as today I went to the Mill Rosie met (more on that later) and am flying to Darwin tomorrow.  Hope you all got more done than me.

My give away (see previous post) is still open until 27 May if you wish to enter.  Thanks to all that have entered it has been so lovely reading your special memories.

Until next time happy stitching.


  1. good to see you today Kim and safe travels my friend.xx

  2. You are so good going into work, hope you had a great day yesterday,,,

  3. Ugh, called in on a day off. Always difficult to change your mindset on those days =) hope it was an easy one. Safe travels!

  4. Drats - working on a 'say off' - urgh!!
    Hope Millrose was good - looking forward to hearing all about it!