Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Give Away

Okay this is a first for me I have never done a give away before but I am having a round birthday on the 23rd of May.  I will be leaving behind the 30s and heading into the 40s.  To celebrate I decided to have this little give away.

The prize.

A nine patch table runner designed by Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life using Sweetwater's Wishes range of fabric.


A charm pack of Soho Chic.  

There may be some other little surprises but haven't worked it out yet.

So to enter please leave a comment on this post only telling me about a special birthday memory you have.

It can be anything from picking a birthday cake from the Women's Weekly cake book, a special present received or given, spending a birthday at a special place (I spent my 37th birthday at Niagra Falls which was fun getting soaked on Maid of the Mist).

The give away will be open until the 27 May.

Hope all the Mum's are having a great Mother's Day and are being spoilt by their children.

Yesterday I picked up two quilts from Jemima's they do such a great job.  I have managed to get the binding on my Niner quilt and got my nieces to hold it up so I could get some photos.

Nikita's being cheeky.

Until next time happy stitching.


  1. Your quilt is beautiful Kim. My special birthday was last year, I got to celebrate it twice as went to America on our very first overseas family holiday and we left on my birthday then when we got there we were a day behind so I had it all over again. It was such an exciting day for all of us.
    Thankyou for the chance of your great giveaway.

  2. wow Kim your quilt is gorgeous as is the runner.
    My special memory was for my 50th birthday,hubby took me to Queenscliff and we caught the ferry over to Sorronto and then he drove me to Phillip Island and we spent a few days there it was lovely,and i hope you have a lovely birthday too my friend,i thought you were in your early 20's you shocked me when you said you were leaving your 30"s,see you soon.xx

  3. Love you quilt Kim.
    My special birthday was last year. I celebrated it if for a few days. At home, work and with friends.

  4. Love the niner quilt and Nikita looks like she's having lots of fun. My special birthday was this years as I spent nearly two weeks traveling around Tassie with my sister so lots of lovely memories stored up with this one. Hope you have a lovely birthday :) Barb.

  5. Your quilt is lovely, Kim. I'm like Shez and am surprised you are leaving your 30's! My special birthday was my 25th when I was in England. My mum and dad came over to visit me and we spent time touring around London together. Looking forward to catching up with you at Mill Rose.

  6. Such a lovely giveaway for your special upcoming birthday.
    My special birthday memories were the ones I got to spend with my grandparents in England. We emigrated to Australia when I was 9 and they stayed in the UK, so the birthdays I had with them are the most precious to me. They would come over and sing me happy birthday and help me blow out my candles, I loved them both dearly and miss them terribly. I am turning 40 next year and both my Grandparents have now passed on.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. Love your quilt. My special birthday was my 60th my husband took me to Borneo to see the Orangutans. It was a wonderful trip.

  8. Remember life begins at 40
    My special birthday memory is of my 60th because it was the last one spent with my dear daughter
    Love the table runner

  9. Oh wow Kim - your quilt looks amazing, what a lot of sewing & love has gone into it - well done!!
    My special birthday memory is my 21st - which was only 3 weeks after I got engaged! I had always wanted a Champagne Breakfast for my 21st, & it ended up being quite a party!
    Thanks for the chance of such a lovely giveaway... what will YOU be doing for your birthday?

  10. I moved into my 40's last month :-( but I had a lovely birthday dinner surrounded by friends and family, the best birthday memory

  11. last year I left the fifties and got into the sixties. My birthday present from my dear husband was a quilting trip to the US including lessons and the Minnesota quilt show. For ten days I was travelling in Minnesota with other ladies with the same interests. New friendships were made and the memories were priceless. I wold love to participate in your give-away. Hugs

  12. A lovely giveaway. I'm not sure how old I was but I remember that my Mum made me a dolly varden cake.the quilt is stunning. Hugs, xx

  13. I was lucky enough last year to be on a cruise for my birthday as it was also my 30th wedding anniversary..
    Then for my 50 th this year I had a great night in the city with 5 great friends and went hot air ballooning on the morning of my birthday

  14. your quilt looks wonderful...........