Friday, May 30, 2014

Gifts and Swaps

These are the lovely fat quarters from the ladies in the Birthday Fat Quarter Swap group I am in.

A nice variety of fabrics.

I also received this.

My all time favourite fabric Scrumptious in a layer cake from a family friend.  Haven't decided yet what to make but if anyone has a layer cake pattern to suggest I am open to ideas.

This is what my parents gave me.

It isn't a very good photo but it is a patchwork pendant.  They got it from Lynette Anderson A Little Quilt Shop if you want to have a look.

My parents also painted my bedroom while I was away.

Before shots.

After shots.

It is a lovely aqua to match all my Bonnie and Camille quilts.

Now for the swaps.

Just before I went to Darwin I went to the Mill Rosie group meet.

I made this sewing set by Gail Pan with April Showers there is a pin cushion, needle case, small bag and pouch with some extra stitching goodies.  Barb received my parcel and she was very pleased with it.

This is what I received made by Marg.

A thread catcher I had always intended to make one of these but now I don't have to.  How good does my machine look after it's service.  It sounds much better too.  They found a pin in there somewhere so I am glad I got it done.  Another job my parents did for me whilst I was on holidays aren't they great.

A little zipper bag.

And a lovely dolly pincushion and keeper of all things stitchy.

The other swap I am in is Mrs Martin's My House My Home swap.  This time It was the bathroom/laundry.

This is what I made.

I made some Scallop hand towels which was a free tutorial from the Fat Quarter Shop.  I added a nail file and some soap to the parcel.

This is what I received from Michelle.

Two hand towels and a peg bag.  Michelle used Bliss by Bonnie and Camille and I just love them.  I have already put the towels to good use.

Another lot of photo overload but so much has been happening.

I am joining Choockyblue's birthday celebrations this weekend.  I am working on my Puddle Jump quilt top and some secret sewing for upcoming swaps.

Hope you have a fun stitching weekend.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I had a great week in Darwin with my sister and her family.

Thomas, Joshua and Mikayla.

We went to Mindil Markets and saw a lovely sunset.

We went on the Thursday evening very relaxing sitting in the sand watching the sun go down.  

Friday was my birthday but because my sister had a market to attend we had a little celebration and then a sunset cruise on the Saturday.

Friday night cake.  Just noticed Mikayla has a thing with her hands.

Mikayla had a special blue raspberry slurpy.  Shh don't tell her it wasn't really raspberry.  She really enjoyed it.

So much so her tongue turned blue.

Our favourite spot on the boat the bean bags at the front of the boat.

Pirate Mikayla.

Pirate Joshua.  Thomas didn't want to have a go at this.

Another beautiful sunset.

Mikayla digging into the snacks.  She did share.

All of us relaxing.

More cake.

After our cruise we went to the pier for some fish and chips.  Across at the waterfront they had opera and fireworks.  Joshua told me he organised the fireworks just for my birthday.

The fireworks topped off the night.

On Sunday we went to the Territory Wildlife Park.  It was great.  They have different areas with different animals and birds.  We saw the bird show and of course there was a big croc.

It was great getting to see my nephews and niece.  I can't wait to go back I am spending Christmas with them.

Hope that it wasn't too much of a photo overload.

I will be back soon with some sewing/swap photos.

Until next time happy stitching.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Winner!

I have just drawn a winner for my birthday give away.

Drum roll ...

The winner is (long pause and a commercial break) just like all those reality tv shows. Lol!

Congraulations Barb!!

Please send me your address.

Just a big thank you for everyone who entered my give away I so enjoyed hearing everyone's special birthday memories.

I will be back soon to share my birthday and trip to Darwin.  

Happy stitching.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hi everyone,

Many apologies when I signed up for FNSI I was meant to have the day off work and I had intended to sew in the afternoon as I was going out in the evening.  Unfortunately it didn't work out as one of the other girls from work got sick so it would of left only one secretary in the office so I said I would go into work.  Lucky my parents were able to take my machine for a service and I rushed around Thursday night packing for my trip as today I went to the Mill Rosie met (more on that later) and am flying to Darwin tomorrow.  Hope you all got more done than me.

My give away (see previous post) is still open until 27 May if you wish to enter.  Thanks to all that have entered it has been so lovely reading your special memories.

Until next time happy stitching.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Give Away

Okay this is a first for me I have never done a give away before but I am having a round birthday on the 23rd of May.  I will be leaving behind the 30s and heading into the 40s.  To celebrate I decided to have this little give away.

The prize.

A nine patch table runner designed by Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life using Sweetwater's Wishes range of fabric.


A charm pack of Soho Chic.  

There may be some other little surprises but haven't worked it out yet.

So to enter please leave a comment on this post only telling me about a special birthday memory you have.

It can be anything from picking a birthday cake from the Women's Weekly cake book, a special present received or given, spending a birthday at a special place (I spent my 37th birthday at Niagra Falls which was fun getting soaked on Maid of the Mist).

The give away will be open until the 27 May.

Hope all the Mum's are having a great Mother's Day and are being spoilt by their children.

Yesterday I picked up two quilts from Jemima's they do such a great job.  I have managed to get the binding on my Niner quilt and got my nieces to hold it up so I could get some photos.

Nikita's being cheeky.

Until next time happy stitching.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Friday Night Results

I hope no one minds but it is getting cold in Melbourne so I sewed in my pjs last night.  I started a bit later due to the train taking nearly taking 20 minutes longer due to a broken down train further along the track.  At least this time I didn't have to detrain which involved climbing out the side of the train in the driver's section.  Lucky there was a Metro lady helping everyone down.  Enough grumbling I did manage to get some things done.


One of my Hexie borders for Cornelian.  I have two more to go.


A couple of weeks ago I traced out my stitcheries for my Little Creatures quilt and you couldn't really see them.  Well I stitched the first one last night.  A spider who is rather cute.  I am using Cottage Garden Threads which I love using.  I was trying to save these stitcheries for when I go away but couldn't resist and I also have something else I can stitch while I am away just have to trace them out.

Thank you Cheryll for hosting.  Hope everyone had a lovely night and it wasn't too cold.

Until next time happy stitching.