Thursday, September 12, 2013


I have spent a bit of time recently sewing on binding.  I am pleased to say I only have two smaller quilts to go and one of those is nearly completed.  So all this means I have a few finished quilts ready to snuggle under and the weather has turned a bit cold so I will be staying warm.

 First up is Gail Pan's table runner from QFD CIJ I am so pleased with how this one has turned out using left over Bonnie & Camille fabrics.

Hopscotch by Thimble Blossoms using Vintage Modern.  

A close up of my not so straight quilting.  This was fun to do but a lot of work but it gives it a real modern feel.

 Dilly Dally also by Thimble Blossoms this time using Marmalade.

A close up of my stipple quilting.  I haven't learnt any other quilting patterns yet am a bit nervous about marking a pattern on my quilt tops.  I am starting to feel a bit more confident with my quilting.

This is my version of Dapper quilt from Camille Roskelley's 2nd book Simply Retro.

Again I just did stipple quilting.

Just had to show you the gorgeous fabric I choose for the backing so cute.

I got myself some more Scrumptious pre-cuts.  This has to be my favourite range ever.

I have been busily cutting into it to make a few more quilts by Thimble Blossoms.  This time I have put the cut pieces into zip lock bags and marked which quilt pattern they relate to.  I tend to get myself in a bit of a mess as I jump from project to project so hopefully this will work.  Just have to cut up the white to go with these patterns.

Until next time happy stitching

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  1. Lovely quilts and finishes you certainly have been busy well done !!