Friday, September 20, 2013

A Trip

This week I spent a few days in lovely sunny Brisbane.  Well when I arrived it wasn't so sunny but the next two days that I was there the weather was just perfect in the high 20s it was lovely to have some sun.  Now back in cold wet Melbourne.  Enough of the weather the purpose of this trip was to see the Quilts 1700 - 1945 exhibition held at the Queensland Art Gallery.

 These are the flags outside the entrance.

This is my entrance ticket.

Unfortunately you are not able to take photos of the quilts as they are old and very fragile.  It was absolutely amazing to see quilts 200 years plus old in such good condition and made so beautifully considering the types of conditions they would have been made in.  No rotary cutters, electric lights or sewing machines.  The absolute highlight for me was the Rajah Quilts made by female convicts aboard the Rajah in 1841.  The quilt is very fragile and only comes out once a year for a month but since in has been on loan to the Queensland Art Gallery for the last three months it will not be on display again for another three years.  The work on this quilt is just amazing and the condition that the fabric is in was remarkable. The red fabrics have not faded.   If you are in Brisbane this weekend I highly recommend a trip to the Art Gallery.  The exhibition finishes on Sunday so you need to be quick.  I would have liked to buy the book that they had with the quilts but unfortunately they had sold out. :(

Off to do some sewing for FNSI.

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