Thursday, June 13, 2013

Looking for Inspiration

Do you have a project that you are just committed to make and just can't get enthused over it?

This is mine.

As you can see it has been stuffed in the cupboard a while.

Before I was a quilter/patchworker I was a cross stitcher.  I haven't done much cross stitching in a while and I do have a couple of unfinished cross stitch projects.  I just find that it is slow progress.

Why do I have to do this you ask.  I have three sisters and 11 years ago one sister got married and I made her a cross stitch as a wedding gift.  It is a much treasured present and it was displayed on her wedding day so everyone could see it.  Then nine years ago another sister got married this time round I had some software and I picked out one of their wedding photos and stitched it up.  Last year my third sister got married and insisted that she too wanted a photo cross stitch.  I must admit I did try to get out of it but just couldn't convince her that she should choose a different type of wedding sampler.  So here I am trying to get enthused over this so every now again I may need a prod to check on my progress.

One day it will be finished till then I will keep hoping that she doesn't ask me too many times where her wedding present is.

Until next time happy cross stitching.

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