Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Confession

I hereby confess to having failed on my New Year's resolution not to buy new things to make other than those on my exemption list.  When I was at the Australasian Quilt Convention I saw a really nice quilt using Natalie Lymer Folk Tale fabric well the other week she had it on her blog and Ballarat Patchwork had it on special so well I just could not resist.  I have cut it all out apart from the triangles which I am going to do as I get to each block so they don't get distorted.  I have made the first block.

 So you can see why I couldn't resist the fabric is so sweet.  I am pleased with the way the block came out I always find triangles a bit scary with sewing on the bias which can stretch.

I also couldn't resist Fat Quarter Shop's Deck-ade the Halls quilt along.  These are the second lot of blocks which I finished today.  The next instalment is due next week.

I have done another block from my Mystery Quilt.  I still have one more to sew before I can put it all together.

My Hash Tag quilt is all finished and I have been snuggling under it during this week as the nights have been very cold although the days have been lovely and sunny which has been nice.

A close up of my quilting.
 I have also been cutting into my stash.  I have found a pattern in a magazine that I want to make up using scraps.  I think I will have enough fabric for more than one but I found I needed to cut a lot of different fabric before I could start sewing.

This is the pile waiting to be ironed and then cut.

And this is the box of already cut fabric.  I can't wait to get sewing but just needed to have a good range of colours before I start.  The rotary cutter has had  a really good work out.

I have also managed to quilt a couple of quilts.  They now have to be trimmed back and have their binding added.  Both were designed by Bonnie using Vintage Modern fabric.

 The binding on Spools just needs to be hand stitched now.

Last week my Simply Retro book finally arrived which was soooo exciting.  I purchased some fabric to make the Dapper quilt and have already cut it out oh for more hours in the day so I could sew and sew.
Camille has done a great job with her book and of course I want to make all the quilts in it.  I will get there one day.

 These are my blocks for my Topsy Turvy quilt designed by Bonnie and using Happy Go Lucky.

These are my partially put together blocks for my Niner quilt designed by Camille.  It uses Happy Go Lucky and Scrumptious.  I managed to get my hand on two jelly rolls of Scrumptious as a pre-release which I was super excited about unfortunately I wasn't about to get the fat quarter bundle which had already sold out before I realised it was available so now I have to wait patiently until September/October when it will be released.  I think I can find something else to make in the interim.

And finally I have made a little progress on the cross stitch.
When I took all these photos I didn't realise how much I had done over the last couple of weeks but now I feel like I have really achieved a lot especially with some quilts nearly finished.

Until next time happy stitching.

P S I hope to catch up with everyone during QFD Christmas in July

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Looking for Inspiration

Do you have a project that you are just committed to make and just can't get enthused over it?

This is mine.

As you can see it has been stuffed in the cupboard a while.

Before I was a quilter/patchworker I was a cross stitcher.  I haven't done much cross stitching in a while and I do have a couple of unfinished cross stitch projects.  I just find that it is slow progress.

Why do I have to do this you ask.  I have three sisters and 11 years ago one sister got married and I made her a cross stitch as a wedding gift.  It is a much treasured present and it was displayed on her wedding day so everyone could see it.  Then nine years ago another sister got married this time round I had some software and I picked out one of their wedding photos and stitched it up.  Last year my third sister got married and insisted that she too wanted a photo cross stitch.  I must admit I did try to get out of it but just couldn't convince her that she should choose a different type of wedding sampler.  So here I am trying to get enthused over this so every now again I may need a prod to check on my progress.

One day it will be finished till then I will keep hoping that she doesn't ask me too many times where her wedding present is.

Until next time happy cross stitching.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Birthday and Progress

A couple of weeks ago I had a birthday and I just wanted to show some of the lovely things I got.

My friend Martine made me this card.  She and her husband are caravaning around Australia at the moment before moving to Cairns.  I really miss seeing her at work everyday but now she has time to make cards.  She has just done such a great job.  My Mum has made cards and a couple of years ago I gave some to Martine as a useful Christmas gift so Mum is the inspiration behind Martine's new hobby.

 Thomas, Joshua and Mikayla sent me this bag which I just love.

I asked the rest of my family to give me money as I wanted to do the Fat Quarter Shop's Deck-ade the Halls Quilt.  So I bought this.

And yesterday some of the fabric turned into this.

Three Wise Gingermen.  Very cute.  Another week before the next instalment Visit here to see the quilt and also watch the videos.

This is my first block of my Thimble Blossoms Round and Round Quilt.  I found I had to be careful to make sure that all the half square triangles stayed in the correct place, a lot of double checking was done.

This is my half square triangle project from Camille's Precut Piecing Made Simple Craftsy Class.

There are so many ways to set out half square triangles but I really liked the tiled pattern.  I quilted it myself as it is not a very big project and am quite pleased with how it turned out.  I just need to do the binding.

A close up of my quilting.

This is my Carousel Ride Quilt using Happy Go Lucky Fabrics designed by Cotton Way.

I really loved putting this together.  It is a big quilt so the photo is that good I need a room with no furniture for photo taking.

This is another quilt from Camille's Craftsy Class called Hash Tag.  I am going to have a go at quilting this one myself just have to organise with Mum a time to use her floor.

W is now finished.

Sewing on the binding of my Vintage Modern Quilt. I have a couple of bindings to do on some quilts and the weather is perfect for doing this job.

Until next time happy stitching.