Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In Progress

Everything at the moment is "in progress".

I finally got my window installed.

The frame needs to be painted and then the wall.  Hopefully then I can hang the drapes and move all my crafty stuff back in and then really make some progress with my ufos.

 This is my Spools Quilt which is all pinned ready to be quilted.  Designed by Camille Roskelley.

 The W block from Snowmen A to Zzz in progress.  I am so enjoying doing these stitcheries.

 These are my blocks for Sweet Pea designed by Bonnie Olverson of Cotton Way using Vintage Modern.  I had the blocks sitting around for a while.
This is a row from my Carousel Quilt also designed by Bonnie and using Happy Go Lucky Bonnie and Camille's new range.  I have so enjoyed putting this together especially after seeing all Camille's tips in her Craftsy Class I can see improvements in my patchwork particularly with my half square triangles.

Lets hope I make some more progress before the next showing.

Until next time happy stitching.

Monday, May 6, 2013

New Things

My new cutting table and sewing chair arrived the weekend before last.  My parents put together the table for me it took a while with Mum supervising to make sure Dad did not go off track.  They did a great job.  I managed to put the chair together but needed a bit of muscle to give the finishing touches.  The sewing room renovations are coming along nicely.  I have ordered my new window so hopefully it won't be too much longer before we can finish off the painting and add the new door handles.

 The new table.  It is bigger than I thought.
 This is a row from my Hashtag quilt which is part of Camille's Craftsy Class which was great fun.

 The new chair very comfy.  The back is in just the right spot.

This is another of Camille's Craftsy Lessons half square triangles.  My points are so much better almost perfect.  Thanks Camille for your wonderful tips and tricks and can see so much improvement.  Check out her new patterns they are just great I don't know where she gets all her great ideas.  Bonnie's (Camille's Mum) also has some lovely patterns and some beautiful new fabric coming in September can't wait.  I have already got the new patterns just couldn't resist.  I thought I could use up some of my Bonnie & Camille scraps to make Camille's pattern Niner.  Oh for more sewing hours in the day!

Three blocks from Snowmen A to Zzzz.  Will have to trace out some more shortly.

Until next time happy stitching