Friday, March 29, 2013

The Good Friday Super Sewathon

Yes I have spent the day sewing.

Firstly I finished quilting my Vintage Holiday quilt so now it just needs to be trimmed and have the binding put on.  The weather is becoming more favourable for putting binding on quilts.

During the week I spent time cutting and ruling lines so that I would be ready to sew.

 This is the cut pieces Camille Roskelley's Double Take Quilt using Happy Go Lucky.

This is Star Blossoms by Bonnie of Cotton Way using Marmalade.  I had this cut out for a while just had to draw the lines and find time to do it.

These are the pieces for Topsy Turvy also by Bonnie and using Happy Go Lucky.

These are the pieces for a quilt by Camille called Hash Tag it is one of her quilts for her Craftsy lessons which I have been watching.  She gives some great tips and I have learnt some new ways to do things.

 Putting together the Double Take Blocks.

 The finished blocks.  Now I just have to decide on placement.

 The first Hash Tag block.

The first Star Blossoms Block.  This one is a little tricky lots of seams but I love how it turned out it just takes a little while to put together.  19 more to go.
Half way through putting the corners on the Topsy Turvy blocks but was getting a little tired.

As you can see these are mostly "new" projects so not much success with finishing things.  I got tempted by the new Happy Go Lucky fabric so I had to have a play with it.  I am just waiting on the yardage to be available from the shops which isn't due until May so maybe I will have all the blocks ready to go by them but no promises as you never know what temptation is around the corner.

Until next time happy stitching.

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