Monday, June 25, 2012

Weird and wonderful happenings

The last week some really strange things have happened.  In Victoria there was an earthquake which is pretty much a rare thing here it measured 5.3 or 5.5 depending on who was telling you.  It is a really weird feeling when the ground is moving beneath you and things are moving on the shelf.

Also last week I saw something strange and I wish I had my camera to take a photo.  A possum was walking down Collins Street.  I have never seen anything like that.  I have worked on Collins Street for nearly 18 years and it was a first for me.  There are parks not that far away so I think he was just a little lost or may be it was a she and she was off to the stocktake sales!  LOL

Just a couple of photos this week.

 This is my neck hot pack using Vintage Modern Flannel the pattern is by Bonnie of Cotton Way and is called Soothing Hot/Cold Rice Bags but I have actually used wheat in mine.  I have 5 kgs of wheat so am going to make some more.  There are four different designs in this pattern.  I might make some as presents.

This is the first block from Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Block of the Month which arrived during the week and is already complete so I am up to date with this BOM unlike my others.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone at QFD Christmas in July.

Until then happy stitching.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tracing, ironing, cutting and a little bit of stitching

This week I did alot of tracing pieces for applique projects, ironing and cutting these out.  Not much stitching but I have lots now to stitch.

These three blocks are for Mikayla's quilts.  I did manage a little stitching on the first block.  It is a really cute quilt.

 These are some pieces all cut out ready to be stuck.  I just have to cut up the background fabric before the next step could happen.

 The next block for my Christmas Quilt I have lots of stitching and am way behind everyone else.  I did pick up the next block to put together last Saturday.
 My new shoes.  Totally irrelevant I know but I just love them.
Until next time happy stitching!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Finally feel like I am making some progress.

 This is my Hopscotch quilt.  I have started putting the blocks together.  I have found I need to lay it out as I pin to make sure I have pinned the right way.

 This is Layer Cake 3.  I have used up some of the stash in this one.  Both this quilts are Thimble Blossom patterns by Camille Roskelley.

 This is my next Christmas Club block.  Needs to be blanket stitched.

 This is Peppermint Pizzazz by Bonnie of Cottonway (Bonnie is Camille's Mum).  Using their Vintage Modern fabric.  It was fun to make.  I wanted to make up some of my Vintage Modern so this has been my project of the week.  I am so proud of myself that I didn't get distracted onto something else.  In to the quilting pile for this one now.

Blocks 4 and 5 of Merry Merry Snowmen.  This also need to be blanket stitched but getting there.

Until next time happy stitching.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Sorry for being missing in action over the last few weeks.  I have been unwell.  Nothing major it all started with a stye on my eye and the cream I got for it from the chemist worked but I was allergic to it.  After that I got a cold which turned into a chest infection and lots of coughing fits.  Went to the doctors had three days off work this last week to rest and got some medicine so am now feeling so much better with only a little bit of a cough.

Needless to say I haven't done too much sewing and am again behind in my blocks of the month with the next blocks just or about to arrive.  Lucky next Monday the 11th is a public holiday so I might make it a sewing day.

I have managed to complete a couple of things.

This quilt is for one of my nephew's birthday.  It is a Hatched & Patched design from a while ago (not sure where I have put the pattern).  I quilted it in the ditch myself so it is not perfect but it is finished.  I have one more to complete it just needs borders but I think I need to send it to the longarm quilter.  It is totally different design.  Hopefully it will be finished in time for their birthday in August.

 This is my Spot On quilt from my Simplify book.  I quilted this one myself as well.  I am sewing on the binding of another quilt from this book so hopefully it will be ready soon to show fully completed.

These two little quilts are made using left overs from some flying geese I was making.  I am giving these two to my niece and her friend to use for their dolls.  I have another three to make up and have been working on some more flying geese so will have more left overs.

Until next time happy stitching.