Sunday, May 6, 2012

So Far Behind

Do you ever feel you need another couple of hours each day?  These extra couple of hours are for stitching purposes only of course not for work or housework.

I think I have well and truly failed with my New Year's Resolutions but we are only in May so I still have some months up my sleeve to rectify this.

Do you look in the magazines, in web shops and in "real" shops and see a must have project that you just have to have and start?  I have this problem or addiction which I blame on being a Gemini jumping from one project to another.  I have also taken on a few blocks of the month this year which are now all behind.  One of them I am using as a gift for a special birthday which is a fair way off almost six years so I guess that one doesn't really count does it?

 This is Block 1 of Fernhill by Lynette Anderson it is her Mystery Button Club.  I wasn't go to do it but a friend of mine was doing it and it looked so cute so of course I couldn't resist.  Block 2 has already arrived fortunately the block is only small.  I have used the Weeks Dye Works thread and it took me a little while to find where I could get all the colours.

 This is Block 1 of Merry Merry Snowmen.  I still have the blanket stitching and embroidery to do.

This Block 3 which also needs the blanket stitching done.  Block 4 is on the way.

 This is part of Block 3 of Blueberry Botanicals.   Luckily Block 2 and 4 came at the same time and both have been completed.  Block 5 arrived last week.

This is one of the blocks for Hopscotch which I was going to show you last week it is a pattern by Camille Roskelley.

Oh I better get back to my stitching after I have done some web browsing.

Until next time happy stitching.