Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bonnie & Camille

If you follow this blog you will know that I am a big fan of Bonnie & Camille fabrics but also their patterns.  I had lots of photos to take of the many different projects I am making using their patterns and/or fabrics but the battery in the camera went flat so the rest will have to wait until another post.

 These are the rest of my Swoon blocks using Ruby fabric.  I am now up to doing the sashings.

I won a charm pack from Sarah - Quilt Fabric Delights so I have used it in this pattern by Bonnie - Cotton Way called Jack & Jill.  I put my circles on a bit different to what the pattern said and tested out my machine's blanket stitching for the first time.  I was about to take a close up picture when the battery died.

Until next time happy stitching.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Scrap Happy

I can't believe how quickly the weekend goes there is never enough time to do everything hence to say I have a bit of housework to do.

During the week I purchased a book called Cut the Scraps.  Let me tell you this is a great book.  I am determined to make use of some of the fabric I have in my cupboard some drawers are overflowing   It give great tips on how to start what size to cut things and there are some really nice patterns as well.

This is my progress

 I have added a 10 inch square to the recommended cuts and I am also doing 2.5 inch and 1.5 inch strips as well for layer cake and jelly roll patterns.  The 1.5 inch strips I can use for the one day log cabin I want to do.
 I am using up some of my left over Bonnie and Camille fabric ranges to make a quilt with hexies need to work out my background fabrics.

This also arrived in the mail my Vintage Modern fat quarter bundle yum!  Have a few projects in mind for this lot just waiting on the yardage to go on sale.  In the meantime I have plenty to keep me busy.

Until next time happy stitching.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Back on Track

After a tough couple of weeks I am finally back on track.  I have been stitching but just haven't felt up to blogging.

Here goes.  I have finished a number of quilts some I have quilted myself and some I had professionally quilted.  I am using some of the quilts for gifts and am very pleased with them.  I have decided to do more of my own quilting as I have a number of tops and although the professional quilters do a wonderful job it does become price prohibitive.  I am really enjoying doing the quilting and love my Janome Horizon.  It is hard work particularly putting the three layers together.  I have been lucky enough to have been able to use Mum's spare bedroom to do my layering.  Unfortunately for me my sister is moving back to Mum's so I won't have that room for much longer.  I am hopeful of getting a couple more tops together before I lose the room just need to get some more wadding and quilt the two I set up yesterday so that I have some pins.

 This quilt is a gift for a friend who is having a special birthday I can't say any more than that.  I can't wait to give it to her only a couple of weeks to go.  I am very proud that I can part with a Ruby quilt at least I have my Vintage Modern precuts to play with now.

This is a quilt for one of my nieces.  It had been finished for a while but just had to find the money to get it quilted.  It is so cute.  I have used much brighter fabrics than the original pattern.

You might remember this as a top from a couple of posts ago.  This is one I quilted myself.  Not sure what will happen to this one.  I know Mum wants some for gifts.  Every time I go to layer a quilt she asks "Who is that for?"  Did have to tell her that the other Ruby Quilt is for me.

This is a scrap quilt that Mum has claimed for a friend's birthday.  The quilting isn't that crash hot but I can see that I have improved.

It is nice having all these finished projects.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter and haven't had too much chocolate.

Until next time happy stitching/quilting.