Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weddings, parties and Vintage Modern

I had a big family weekend.  My youngest sister Jessica got married on Sunday and my eldest sister Robyn had a surprise 40th birthday party.  Her actual birthday was February but she was in Katherine so her husband organised a party for when they were in Melbourne.  He was very proud that it was kept a secret.

So for some photos.

This is the wedding charm that I made using a love bird button.  I used some of the fabric that was left over from the flowergirl dresses.

The beading that I did which took ages but got me a thank you in the bride's speech.

The pageboys and flowergirls I know I am a biased Aunty but aren't they or so cute.  They did such a great job I am so proud of them.  Only problem was I couldn't tell Thomas and Joshua apart because they were wearing exactly the same thing.
 This is me and my beautiful cousins Tash and Lea.

The bride and groom.

I did find time to make something during the last week.  An iphone holder from Janelle Wind's book Pieces of Me.  I gave it to my friend Janet for her birthday so I did have to get it done.  It is a pretty quick pattern to put together.
I had today off work to recover from all the weddings and parties it was a long weekend in Victoria so the wedding was on Sunday and the party on Monday.  I thought I would need a rest so I went to a couple of quilt shops and found a layer cake of Vintage Modern.  I was a bit excited when I found this and I was told the bolts will be in shortly.  I have had a look and I just love it.  I have a collection of patterns that I want to use it in.  I have also been doing some sewing and machine quilting and have had a really lovely day after all the goings on.

Until next time happy stitching.

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