Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Week Off

This week I had a week off work and spent some time with my nephews and nieces.  We went to the Werribee Zoo.

 There were hippos.
And cheeky monkeys oops I mean adorable nieces and nephews.

A photo with Nanna and Pappa.  Thomas, Joshua and Mikayla have headed back to Katherine today but they will be back in six and bit weeks for my sister Jessica's wedding.  I spent some time working on a wedding charm and sewing beads on the flower girl dress, one is finished and two more to go I just have to wait for the weather to be a bit cooler as I don't want to sweat on the fabric.

 The scrap challenge is going well.  I had a honey bun which I hadn't used all of so I made some placemats and coasters which I will use as a gift.

 I also made a bed runner with some left over Ruby fabric (I did have to buy the red for the sashing and am just waiting on the backing fabric to arrive in the post).  The pattern is by Cottonway it was really fun to make.

Back to work tomorrow.
Happy stitching from me and my little cheeky niece.

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