Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two Years Old

Today my blog turns two!! Exciting.

It is also Australia Day so Happy Australia Day.

These little ones have made a special request ...

 That I make each of them an owl from Cotton Floss by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches.  So I hope to have them done before they come back to Melbourne in March.

This one is for Mikayla.  She is having a pink one.  It was very quick to stitch the embroidery.

I have also finished quilting this quilt.  I really enjoyed doing it so now all I have to do is the binding.  The pattern is from my favourite book Simplify by Camille Roskelley.  I am really excited that Camille is now working on her second book.  
Until next time happy stitching.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Week Off

This week I had a week off work and spent some time with my nephews and nieces.  We went to the Werribee Zoo.

 There were hippos.
And cheeky monkeys oops I mean adorable nieces and nephews.

A photo with Nanna and Pappa.  Thomas, Joshua and Mikayla have headed back to Katherine today but they will be back in six and bit weeks for my sister Jessica's wedding.  I spent some time working on a wedding charm and sewing beads on the flower girl dress, one is finished and two more to go I just have to wait for the weather to be a bit cooler as I don't want to sweat on the fabric.

 The scrap challenge is going well.  I had a honey bun which I hadn't used all of so I made some placemats and coasters which I will use as a gift.

 I also made a bed runner with some left over Ruby fabric (I did have to buy the red for the sashing and am just waiting on the backing fabric to arrive in the post).  The pattern is by Cottonway it was really fun to make.

Back to work tomorrow.
Happy stitching from me and my little cheeky niece.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I have finished off my first project for the year

 It was one of the projects from Christmas in July 2011.  I used Jovial by Basic Grey fabrics and quilted it myself.  I finished it off differently to the pattern  I am really pleased with how it turned out.

The next block for my Swoon quilt  It does need an iron.  I have five more blocks to go.
Some hair bands.  I got this kit at the Craft and Sewing Show last October and have some hair clips to make as well.  The kit has a little tool to make it so easy to cover the buttons.  The shop I got it from is and I must get some more hair clips to make more they are so cute and easy.

Movie Review

Yesterday I went and saw the Descendants with George Clooney it was a great film but a little sad.

Until next time happy stitching.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Keeping Up the Resolutions

Okay I think  I am doing good with the resolutions oh except perhaps the blogging more but I have been working on the others.

 My next hexie stocking.  The front only has been done so far but like I said they could become addictive.

This is made from some left over fabric from my Swoon quilt which is still a work in progress.  I using the left overs to make some doll quilts.

This is part of my Girls Day Out quilt by Libby Richardson which has been a work in progress for a while and one of my projects that I want to finish this year.

I haven't been the only creative one in my family this week.  My nephews are visiting from Katherine and made these pictures for me.  I gave them some scraps to use.

This is my niece Mikayla.  

This is Thomas with his DS wearing the t-shirt I got him while I was away and has told me it is his favourite t-shirt.

This is Joshua the cheeky one.

Until next time happy stitching

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!!

This year I have made some crafty resolutions:

1.  To finish some of my long outstanding projects.  I think I resolve to do this every year and I think I did okay last year finishing off some things but I have a couple of projects in mind that I really should complete.  My problem is that I see a new pattern/kit/fabric and just have to have and then start it.

2.  To make a dent in the stash.  At the moment some of the drawers don't close very well.  So this year is the year of the Scrappy Challenge.

3.  To blog a bit more often.

4.  To make presents for friends and family for Christmas.  I have always thought this would be a lovely thing to do and I have made the odd gift but not for everyone in the one year.  I thought I would need to start now so I have.

This is a pattern by Thimble Blossoms called Merry and in line with the Year of the Scrappy Challenge I have used fabrics from the stash.  I think the hexagon stocking could become very addictive.

Until next time Happy Stitching