Sunday, November 28, 2010

This is what I have been up to

I have been making some Christmas decorations.  I can only show one as the other is for my swap partner for the Christmas in July swap.

Cute don't you think.  This is a pattern by May Blossom using wool felt which is so lovely to work with even though it is a bit expensive.  It comes in such lovely colours.  Must take a photo of the other one to show you all later.

I got this little kit at one of the shows I went to during the year.  I didn't quite get the zipper right not sure I actually understood what the instructions were telling me but it doesn't look too bad.

It was a Moda Bakehouse kit.

Last but not least introducing Baby Hootie.

I have made it as a gift for a friend but think I will have to make one for me.  This design is called The Hootie Hoo Family by Natalie Ross in Stitches Visit Natalie's blog.

Well that is all for today and am doing some hand quilting.  Can you believe that there are three days until summer and we only reached 15 degrees C today and it has rained all weekend so hence no washing has got done

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Butterfly Bliss

This is what I have been up to.

Springtime Butterflies by Gail Pan Gail's blog and I have used the beautiful Bliss range of fabrics designed by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Camille's blog  (I have just discovered Camille's blog and really like it so I am sharing it with you all.)  Yes another blog to check out in my spare time it is a wonder I get any sewing done.

I have stitched the butterflies using variegated Cosmo thread.  I have needle turned the petals and all the circles so I am getting some practice in.

I spent most of last weekend doing this.

Twenty-four seven and half inch log cabins for my Tail Feathers Block of the month.  I have now started putting the blocks together.  All of the above fabrics are from the stash so it is going to have a scrappy look. 

I also spent some time with my little buddies.

Thomas and Joshua had been to see Santa and they are wearing their reindeer ears.  They are moving up to Katherine in the Northern Territory early next year so I will be visiting them later next year.

Only five weeks to go until Christmas hasn't the year gone fast.  Are you ready?  I have made a pretty good start on my shopping just have a couple of brothers-in-law to buy for but not yet sure what to get.  Any ideas gratefully accepted.

Until next time happy stitching.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hats and Flowers

This week I attended a class where we made a hat.  Not the kind that you wear on your head but a pin cushion.  It is made from wool felt which comes in the most delicious colours.  I have good intentions to make another as it was such fun to make and was done in a three hour class.

It is designed by Simone Gooding of May Blossom.  She makes a lot of felt projects and I have a couple on the go at the moment.  I am also waiting on the aqua felt to arrive.

The other thing I have been working on this week is my Flower Pot People and I have finished block 1 yeah.

Sorry I am having a few problems and can't get the photo to go the correct way.  Computers sometimes have minds of their own.  Anyway this is designed by Natalie Ross In Stitches and I managed to get the same fabrics as Natalie used in hers apart from the white and dark pink for the petals.  The rest of the fabric is from a range called Hunky Dory which I love and will have enough left over for some other projects.

Finally we have a weekend where it is not raining and we now have some sunshine so hopefully I won't have to turn the heater on again for a while.  Fingers crossed.

I spending the rest of my Sunday sewing and stitching so I should have more to show soon.

Happy stitching

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not much stitching

I haven't had much time over the past week to do much stitching as I have been working late while the other girls at the office have some time off.  I have also decided to have a big clear out which has taken up my time.  I have nearly finished in my sewing room it is amazing what you find.  I have been very strict and kept asking myself  "do I need it will I use it?"  If the answer was no out it went.

Last week my niece Nikita turned 8.  She also got a quillow for her birthday.

The pink floral side.

The green bee side.

Could someone please send some sun my way.  It has been cold and wet here for the last few days.  The start of November and still needing the heater on seems a bit sad.

Happy Stitching.