Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sublime Season

Just an apology for being absent for so long I had been trying to finish a project to show and then fell ill (much better now except for a horrible cough) so needless to say the project isn't finished but I thought I would give a progress report.

It is another great Cinderberry Stitches design you may have gathered I really love Natalie's designs.  I got this one last Christmas and did all the stitcheries and then left it for a while as it is bordered by lots of pinwheels. 

These are the beautiful stitcheries.  Yes it is a Christmas design using part of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Natalie always uses such beautiful colours and her stitchery designs are just great.

This is my machine hard at work making the pinwheels.  There was a bit of unpicking involved.

The pinwheels nearly all completed yeah!! That was lots of work.

Sublime Season put together minus the outer borders.  Hopefully I will be able to get the borders on to show shortly.

I will be back with my blocks of the months soon.

Happy stitching.


  1. Wow Kim....Absolutly fantastic!!!!

    María (from Christmas in July)