Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have been to my next class for the Anttitude quilt and here is the next block not quite finished just need to do the embroidery.

I have another block to do before I attend my next class on Wednesday week.  My cherries are improving from my first go thanks to tips from Joanne who runs my local craft shop.

This is part of my Inspired Stitches projects.  It is the needlebook.  I still have to put the handles on the bag but when I was doing the handle on the needlebook I put the needle through my thumb (ouch) so haven't quite worked up the courage to put on the other handles.

Lastly this is a picture of a project I finished a little while ago.  Another Homespun project.  Tickle the Turtle.  I have used some of Amy Butler's Love range of fabrics which I feel in love with and were just perfect for this project.

You will also notice I have made a little bit of a change to my blog.   I have added a list of my favourite blogs on the side after having a bit of a play around it has all been such a learning curve for me. 

Until next time happy stitching.

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