Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Look What I Made

Time for some show and tell.

I have finished not one but both bags from Bagalicious Club.

My tip is to use a walking foot when to sew around the top of the bag so you don't get any pleats because at that stage you don't want to have to unpick you just want to use your bag.  I have used both of them already.

I didn't get a chance during March to complete any of my unfinished projects but I have made up for it in April so I have only semi failed.

A Christmas project.  I need to do some close ups I think.  I just need to work out how I will hang it.  I was thinking may be I would get some Christmas ribbon to use as tabs.  I am not sure whether I can get a hanger big enough as it is rather long.

A little bag just big enough for a small purse, keys and a mobile for when you don't want to take everything with you.

And lastly I have been stitching another Cinderberries design called Creature Comforts.

Aren't the ladybugs so cute.  I have another Cinderberries design I am putting together and intend to use the left over fabric from that to use in this project.  I hope to be able to show you them shortly.

Until next time happy stitching

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